Play Batman Slots at These Online Casinos

Dark Knight rises to answer the Bat Signal and ensure you’re are safe and have enough adventures to enjoy. Mysterious-cool Batman has already appeared with Cryptologic online casinos, but now it is time to try your luck with innovative Microgaming casinos game release.

With the last chapter to come on the screen, Microgaming has prepared a visual poetry for all the fans of this epic story – The Dark Night slot machine. Expanded wild symbols, video clips and your favourite heroes to make the whole story live on your screen while you are playing this smashing slot.

Gotham is in your hands now with 243 Ways to win and Joker to make your game without rules applied. “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” Perhaps, that is the best Joker’s quote to follow. Just do the things you like – play slots and make money with evil prizes to get. And maybe this time you will allow Joker to put a smile on your face.

Batman Slot Download

What is Batman’s secret? Maybe, his distinctive style of managing with his rivals, his philosophy… or maybe his super-ace-cool costume? Fly to your limits to make evil-crazy clowns laughter shut up. “You just a freak like me”. Em, do you believe these mocking Joker’s statement? If not, let’s give it hot and win him with seductive ease during the bonus game featured.

If you DO believe, take Joker’s side during this bonus to fight and forget about being a responsible citizen. Choose your dark side with no limits to feel, no rules to obey, no plan to follow. Play with the highest bets staked and make this world burn.

Batman Slot Machine Review

Batman slot is an eye candy. Definitely. Taste its super video clips, realistic heroes from your favourite movies, Dark and White Knights co-operation, tension to achieve their aim and music that thrill your body and soul. This is a true blockbuster with all the features included and approved.

Expanded Batman wilds, treacherous Joker to get you on his side, corrupt cops and usual citizens eager for your help. The whole game design looks so real that you have to look twice to make sure you are playing the game, not watching the movie. Watching and winning real money prizes.

Original Story of the Batman

Bruce Wayne. This person has everything. Except how to forget his fears following him all his life. Witnessed his parents’ murder, a little Batman decided to fight criminals… and earn money, great money as well. With no superpower to own, Batman knows how to spend money wisely and become a real intimidation in the world of crime wars.

He is smart enough to spend his huuuge wealth on science and technology to get more physical prowess but still he also makes mistakes. Batman thinks that criminals are simple. But there are real evil men that aren’t “looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Joker proves this dangerous creepy rule. And now it is your time to fight with him and get your own prizes of life. Defeat your own fears.

Batman Slot Game Bonus

Who is gonna play, come one! Joker promises a real adventure. Just take his side during the bonus game to feel a real danger rushing through your veins. He has a a gift to enhance your lifestyle. To make your dreams useless. To make your expectations fail. But still he has some adventures for you. Choose this sad man if you tired of Batman’s good-vanilla decisions. Evil comes and you follow it.

Or celebrate the power of right decision-making and collaborating with stunning-sexy Cat-Woman. Choose Batman’s side to make the darkest decisions in your heart with the biggest prizes on your reels.

Batman Online Slot Software

The true fun starts with Microgaming online casinos offering you the newest The Dark Night slot machine with the next epic release The Dark Night Rises in 2013. Nothing compares with these stunning video slot machines to invite you into the night world of Batman with superb moive clips featuring and main heroes to bring you great prizes.

You also can try Cryptologic Batman slot. However, the graphics needs much more improvement if compare with Microgaming game. Anyway, Batman is still on alert to make your nights safe and your entertainment really profitable. This cool guy wearing black costume makes the dream of most people come true – he can fly. So, fly at night to your dreams of true happiness and harmony… but first fight with dark in your soul to get the best prizes in your pocket.

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